Married to a ‘proper’ person

I am married to a 30-year-old. How did that happen?! Hubby was 21 when I married him and I often think of us as still being about 24. So how he’s got to be 30 I don’t really know. Our son ‘bought’ him a Star Wars Lego set containing Storm Troopers which kept them both entertained for a while, so he’s still young at heart.

When we’ve been to friends’ weddings in the last few years I’ve often thought, wow, the bride/groom (whichever one I don’t know very well) seems old and like a ‘proper’ person. By old, I mean the same age as us or maybe a couple of years older. I just don’t see myself as that old! And yet, next year I too will be 30.

Anyway, birthdays mean cake. And at the moment, birthdays mean two cakes.

So for his actual 30th birthday, instead of making the traditional cricket cake I made a chocolate Victoria sponge decorated with chocolate fingers and Aero mint bubbles.

Chocolate birthday cake
Chocolate birthday cake

I’ve seen this sort of cake around a lot recently and thought I’d give it a whirl. It was a nice easy one for our son to help me decorate, too! You need about three packs of chocolate fingers and if you have a pre-schooler helping you, your supply may diminish quite quickly as you decorate, leaving a few gaps. It’s also a hard cake to cut due to the bubbles.

A few days after his birthday, we had all of hubby’s immediate family round to celebrate the big 3-0. We decided to have takeaway pizza (from an Italian restaurant) and takeaway gelato (from Unico) to save me racing round the kitchen at 8 months pregnant cooking for 20 people. I’m so glad we did!

This meant I only had to worry about making the birthday cake and providing food for tea time. So I made the usual cricket birthday cake (plain Victoria sponge with green buttercream icing and cricket figures), only I made it larger than I would usually so that everyone could have a slice. It’s a very easy cake to make. The only issue is usually placing the cricket figures in the right place.

Cricket birthday cake
Cricket birthday cake

One of my sisters-in-law helped me this year however in all the excitement of blowing out candles and being given his main birthday present (tank paintballing!), I have no idea if they were in the right place. Oh well, until next year…

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