So this is what it’s like hanging around waiting for a baby to arrive.

Yes, I’m still here. I’m not even due for another week but our son was already 10 days old by now. We had honestly thought he would arrive late and nowhere near moving day so I never did any waiting around for labour to start. Which means I feel like I’m overdue.

So last week I was twiddling my thumbs a bit. I have been prepared for the baby to arrive for a while and the things I tend to think of to keep me occupied are often too physical and tiring. I obviously have a small boy to keep me occupied the majority of the time which helps, but there are those moments when he’s pushing Thomas around the train track for the umpteenth time and my mind wanders onto ‘where is this baby?!’ Perhaps the baby has realised that if it stays inside, it can ‘eat’ gelato. Well, the gelato cake is all gone now!

There are two sides to everything, of course. Whilst baby is inside, I am getting a good amount of sleep and spending time one to one with my little man, even if sometimes that means watching TV having cuddles because Mummy doesn’t have the energy to do anything else (having cuddles is a huge thing actually because he has only become affectionate in the last few months!). I have time at the moment to do things like baking and catching up on TV. But baby being outside will mean, after a couple of weeks, more mobility for me and no more waddling.

When baby is outside, though, sleep will become a distant memory. And how is our son going to react to sharing Mummy and Daddy with a tiny person who requires a lot of attention? Beans on toast will probably become a regular evening meal and shop bought cakes may well become the norm for a while. Plus I’ll wish I had all the hours I have now to do things I want to do or need to do. But we’ll have our baby!

All of this means I am quite up and down emotionally at the moment. I know, that’s also called ‘pregnancy’! But after a weekend of being a bit poorly, today my energy returned and whilst our son was at pre school I was (comparatively) very productive – I did some washing, vacuumed the house and put dinner in the slow cooker. I didn’t rush around doing these so I don’t imagine it will encourage the baby to make an appearance, but it has been really nice to feel a bit more like me. Productive me. Albeit still waddling.

I’d still love for the baby to come sooner rather than later. Our son was only tiny when he was born but caused a lot of damage, so I’m very aware that every day the baby stays in, it is getting bigger. I need to learn to be patient, trust God more and keep myself occupied. And enjoy all the things I can still do before baby comes.

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