The same birthday cake, again

I am still in love with the bread maker. Three loaves in, still going strong! Although if anyone does know how to get bread out without getting a big hole from the dough hook, I’d love to know.

This week I have made two cakes already – one is green with cricket men on it and one was a Munchies version of the slow cooker mint Aero bubble cake I made when my sister visited (recipe here). Yep, it’s that time of year again when hubby gets the same birthday cake he’s had for about 17 years. This year apparently the green was better than previous years!

Cricket cake 2014
Cricket cake 2014


The Munchies slow cooker cake was really yummy, so yummy that hubby’s colleagues ate the whole thing and didn’t save me any! So I picked up 2 share bags today so that I can make the cake again, slightly different each time – one of M&Ms and one of Maltesers.


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