World’s largest chocolate bar




Had a very busy and tiring few days.  However the lack of sleep, exhaustion and London traffic did not distress me half as much as the revelation that the bakery is disappearing.

By ‘the bakery’ I don’t mean a bakery near where I live, I mean the bakery in general.  In fact, where I live there isn’t a good local bakery.  The nearest is in Waitrose or a French patisserie shop.

On Friday we were in Sussex and could not find a good, cheerful, local bakery.  Instead there is Starbucks, Costa, Greggs (which I do like, but wasn’t what we were looking for).

Do you have a good local bakery?  Please let me know!  This is useful information to have when we trek round the UK!

Durham’s great cathedral

So last night my husband and I caught the last 15 minutes of this BBC series on climbing… I was out of the room when he changed channel, then I suddenly heard cheers of ‘Durham Cathedral!’  We love Durham, it’s a lovely place and the cathedral is pretty spectacular, particularly when you consider how big it is and how old it is and that they didn’t have cranes or anything like that to build it.  Amazing.

This programme shows you some great shots of the cathedral from the air and from the side of the towers and all sorts as Dr Jonathan Foyle attempts to climb up it.  Sounds bizarre, but he’s well up for the architectural stuff and appreciates the building.  You also get to see the rest of Durham from the sky.  I must say they have been very lucky catching Durham on a sunny day…

Finally, my favourite bits.  First, when St Mary’s college is just visible in the background.  Second, when he said ‘buttresses’ and I knew what he meant (because I’ve been up and seen them).  Third, when he’s doing Go Ape inside the cathedral.


Climbing Great Buildings: Durham Cathedral

P.S. Apologies for just simple link, learning slowly how to do flash things!