Pros and cons

We’ve been in our house for about 2 months now. It’s gone really quickly!

There are so many good things about living here. And, of course, a few bad things. We discovered a fox den and leaks amongst other things. And the lights in the bathrooms show up the, ahem, lighter hairs on my head. But focusing on the positives is definitely the way forward!

Parking on our driveway is such a huge blessing. Mainly because I am now that – huge. We get junk mail! I know, it’s annoying but we now get things like the weekly newspaper through our door, full of interesting stories… And we’re part of the residents association “for the greater good.” Ironically one of the things that a lot of people, ladies in particular, are fussed about is the kitchen but I wasn’t really that bothered. We’ve always had a modest (a.k.a. small) sized kitchen so I’m used to working with limited work surface space. And yet the kitchen here is crazily big. And I still only use a limited amount of the work surface space when cooking!

One thing I’ve really noticed is that I feel so much more relaxed living here. I hadn’t realised how stressed I’d been in our old place. Perhaps I was starting to think we wouldn’t move before the baby arrived. I don’t know. But I definitely feel more chilled here.

Hubby has a long to-do list and there are all sorts of things we won’t get round to doing for ages. For example, we’d planned to decorate the living room before the baby arrives. We finally bought some paint samples last weekend but we’re not actually going to decorate until after the baby arrives. I’m too tired and there are other things that are more important that need to be done.

It’s really nice feeling ready for the baby to arrive this time, too. The Moses basket is up in our bedroom, clothes are washed, hospital bag is packed. So different to when our son was born! This baby has been told to stay put until hubby’s 30th birthday celebrations are over, but after that I’ll be 37 weeks and baby can come whenever. I wonder if this baby got the memo? Our son certainly didn’t!