Mary Berry cookies with a twist

Guess the twist?

I have made Mary Berry’s mega chocolate chip cookies from her Ultimate Cake Book many times. Sometimes I add nuts for a nice crunch. But yesterday I was feeling a bit crazy (a.k.a. sleepy) and made a few changes to it.

I remember back in the day when I started trying this no sugar thing and all recipes for cookies omitted normal baking ingredients like flour, eggs and butter. Since I wasn’t avoiding these, it was a bit annoying as other things were called for which I wasn’t necessarily going to use up. I was happy to move to wholemeal flour but I wasn’t going dairy or gluten free. So I attempted a fructose-free cookie, based on a normal cookie recipe.

To start with, I only made half the recipe and therefore half the cookies. Second, I used wholemeal plain flour and subbed some for cornmeal as an experiment – my mum gave me some at the weekend and I haven’t really thought about how to use it yet. Thirdly, I used dextrose instead of regular sugar. I added a splash of milk to help the dough come together as it seemed very dry. Finally, I only had a very small amount of dark chocolate so I also added the rest of the chopped fudge pieces I used on our son’s birthday cake.

And guess what? They taste ok! Not very sweet as I used exactly the same amount of dextrose as the recipe stated in sugar – dextrose isn’t as sweet as sugar so normally you’d add more. But hubby is happily gobbling them up. One tray came out like cookies and the other tray came out more cake-like. They also really spread out! This might be down to our son’s squashing down technique.

But hey, I’ve made edible no fructose, nut free cookies using slightly crazy ingredients but not so crazy that hubby won’t eat them. Hurrah. Let’s get back on the no sugar wagon!

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