Trying a friend’s recipe – ‘quin and cheese’

I am slowing down. I have random surges of energy but generally I’m doing things slower. Even putting my socks on is becoming something of a chore at almost 8 months pregnant. I’m also getting clumsier – I broke a glass and a plate in less than 24 hours over the weekend.

I’ve been batch cooking one meal a week so that, in our little freezer, we have about 3 meals for after the baby is born. And I’ve washed baby clothes up to 3 months so we’re kind of ready.

Whilst I am still relatively ‘with it’, I thought I’d try a new recipe. I tried a friend’s recipe which she recently wrote up on her blog and uses up some of the quinoa in the cupboard which has been neglected since we moved house. It’s called butternut squash ‘quin and cheese’.

Butternut squash 'quin and cheese'
Butternut squash ‘quin and cheese’

I thought I was making half the recipe just for the three of us but it made enough for the three of us plus two portions of leftovers for lunches! This could easily have been due to baby-brain. It was really yummy and nice the next day, too. There were a few variations, such as I used cow’s milk and cheddar in the cheese sauce as we had no parmesan, and I used frozen spinach. I also attempted to make the cheese sauce in the microwave on recommendation from another friend, but it doesn’t quite work if you don’t measure your ingredients first!


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