GBBO – Episode 9, Ramsgate and Chetna!

We went away for a few days at the end of last week so I only watched episode 9 of GBBO on Sunday night, but I already knew the outcome as I attended a food demonstration by Chetna from last year’s GBBO at Broadstairs Food Festival and of course GBBO was discussed.

A quick overview of episode 9 before Chetna…

Mmm chocolate. I love chocolate. I find it hard to resist anything with chocolate in it or on it. Mmm. Chocolate tart. Mmm. I really want to make chocolate tart. Well done to Flora for winning the technical but I already knew she left so I knew her showstopper wasn’t going to be as good as the other bakers’. I was really impressed with her though because all the way through she has handled criticism pretty well and didn’t cry. On camera, at least. I think the final tomorrow will be a close run between Tamal and Nadya.

Ok, onto our holiday and seeing Chetna. Before we moved we agreed we would try to get away for a few nights before the baby arrives so that we could have some quality family time and be away from house stuff. Originally we were planning to stay in Broadstairs as we had a lovely holiday there two years ago, they have gelato shops and it’s by the beach. However, it was Broadstairs Food Festival so it was hard to find somewhere to stay that was available and within budget. Instead, hubby found a lovely flat for us in Ramsgate which overlooked the beach and we could watch the boats in the harbour from the window. It was amazing!

Broadstairs Food FestivalWe had wonderful weather and quite a packed few days. We arrived on Thursday afternoon (after another tasting at Unico… more to follow), went to Dover Castle on Friday, spent the day in Broadstairs on Saturday at the Food Festival and on the beach, and after church on Sunday stopped off at the Hornby Visitor Centre. There were also trips to the harbour in Ramsgate to watch the boats and eat fish and chips.


Hubby had said I could go to the Broadstairs Food Festival to see Chetna as she was doing a demonstration at 10.30am. It was £5 so hardly breaking the bank, plus it was an hour of being on my own doing something I enjoy. Lovely!

I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would have been, perhaps because I woke up in one of those slightly sad and grumpy pregnancy moods. It was a small group, maybe 80 people and it was fun listening to her talk about GBBO, the application process, what she’s been up to and of course watching her make mango cupcakes.

Unfortunately I hadn’t clicked that there would be some discussion about the current GBBO series and so episode 9 was spoiled for me. Having said that, I thought Flora would probably be leaving in the semi-finals so it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

The rest of the Food Festival was made up mostly of local produce stalls. At 10.10am when I arrived it was fairly quiet and the ideal time to take a look around. Later on in the afternoon when we returned as a family it was packed and not much fun to look around. Most people seemed to be drinking local cider! Hubby bought two bottles of local apple juice but we didn’t buy anything else. We actually went to the bakery in Broadstairs to buy some cake!



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