Unico Gelato & Caffe Bromley

Fancy a good gelato? Head to Bromley!

Ever since visiting Sicily four years ago we have been in love with gelato. If we go anywhere, we check to see if there’s a gelateria nearby. We have been known to plan holidays based around the fact that there is a gelateria in the nearby area, such as a holiday to Broadstairs two years ago.

It is hard to find genuine gelato in the UK. If you go to Pizza Express, for example, they advertise their ice cream as gelato but it isn’t gelato. It’s ice cream. Places like Broadstairs and Folkestone have gelaterias which sell yummy genuine gelato. And now we have a gelateria right here in Bromley. This is amazing and also disastrous! The gelato is so good that we think it is the best gelato we’ve ever had outside of Italy. Now that is a bold claim.

Unico Gelato & Caffe

Unico Gelato & Caffe opened at the end of August. They sell coffees, a few bakery items but mostly gelato. We visited on Monday morning, a quiet time on a wet day. They make the gelato fresh so we actually ended up wandering around Bromley for 10 minutes so that we could have fresh pistachio gelato, always our number one choice, when it was ready. Another flavour we wanted to try wasn’t ready and whilst we were sitting eating the gelato we had bought, they brought us a free taster scoop once that flavour was ready!

So I chose pistachio for one scoop and ‘tortino’ which is chocolate with small pieces of chocolate cake in for my second scoop. Hubby chose mascarpone with melted hazelnut chocolate (which is at the bottom of the cup) and ‘bologna’ which is vanilla, egg and something else.

The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and you can taste before you buy. Two scoops of gelato in a cardboard cup or a wafer cup is £3. The flavour combinations available sound delicious and there is often a sign outside advertising their gelato flavour of the week. They also sell gelato cakes. Yes you read that right. And you can buy tubs of gelato to take home.


A normal gelateria does not have any seating as you buy the gelato and then wander off. At Unico, however, there are a few stools and tables so that you can enjoy your coffee and gelato indoors. Obviously thinking about the English weather. But they are putting some seats outdoors soon.

It’s a shame they weren’t able to open earlier in the summer as that would obviously be prime time to buy gelato. Not that that will stop us dropping by in the middle of January! We really hope they will be successful and stay open.

If you’re in Bromley, go and try some yummy gelato. It is worth every penny.


4 thoughts on “Unico Gelato & Caffe Bromley”

  1. Hello CookeCrumbs! My name is Sara and I’m from Unico 🙂 We’re so happy you liked our gelato, thank you so much for leaving such lovely reviews on your blog 🙂 We’re doing a press launch from 11.00 – 12.00 with our VIP co-founder and former Chelsea player Gianfranco Zola. There’ll be plenty of coffee and gelato to try out and other Italian specialities! Please send us an email or give us a call on this number if you’d like to join and/or need more info, we’d love to have you there! 02083157940 or alternatively 07778856160

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