GBBO Episode 7

Episode 7 already!

Big congratulations to Tamal for winning Star Baker this week. Great effort.

I was a bit disappointed that in Victorian week the bakers were allowed to use modern appliances such as a fan oven and a mixer. Well, mainly a mixer, I can understand that getting Victorian-style ovens into the tent would be problematic. Come on people, use a bowl and a wooden spoon!

Anyway, it was interesting that in the first challenge most of the game pies were made in a sort of oval shaped tin. I wonder why tins were this shape? But then again, why are we used to round cakes?

The tennis cake was amazing. It’s fruit cake season and after the coming week of birthday cakes I will probably make a fruit cake, or perhaps an apple cake to use up a few of the apples we brought with us from our old garden. Poor Mat baking his icing!

And finally, the charlotte russe. When I tried to explain it to hubby he said it’s basically trifle. Yes, but it has to stand on its own which I thought would be difficult but only one baker struggled with this.

On the BBC website they have an interesting interview with Tom Hovey who illustrates the bakes each week. I’ve often wondered how they do this as the illustrations don’t always match up to the finished product. How do they get inside the mind of the baker to find out what they hoped to achieve? Well, have a read of the article to find out.

Next week is patisserie week. Mmm cream. Mmmmmmmmm.


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