An old picnic table

Well, I don’t actually know how old it is, but on Saturday hubby took two car loads of stuff to the tip and came back from his second trip with a child’s picnic table in the boot! Our son was delighted with it but it needed a bit of love and attention before it was useable, and so that it can withstand the winter.

New table
Freebie picnic table

I’ve got to the point where I sometimes feel like I’m a bit useless. But I’m growing a baby – that’s useful! It’s just that I am getting tired, I do feel sick, and I need to take care of my back. And all of that means I spend time just watching hubby get on with stuff and end up feeling like a spare part, particularly when he’s attacking the overgrown garden.

So on Saturday, as the weather here was much better than anticipated, I decided to make the picnic table my project. I took precautions – I was outdoors, I wore a mask, I wore a glove. And I sanded it down and gave it two coats of love as the warm sunshine dried the paint quickly.

After two coats of love

It looks much better as long as you don’t look too carefully…

Of course it did mean some bending over so after the first coat I had a little nap to let my back recover a bit. We have three wooden chairs which hubby found at the tip last year. They were given two coats of love last year but they now look terrible in comparison with our son’s picnic table, probably because it’s freshly painted and the others should be treated better! If we get some more good weather I might attempt painting those, too. It was just so good to have completed a project quickly which will be used by our son. The baby room is taking longer to work through!


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