GBBO Episode 6

GBBO episode 6 – pastry week.

I love pastry. So before I watched the episode on iPlayer on Friday night, I’d already planned to make pie at the weekend because I knew I’d want to eat pastry after watching the episode!

Mmm frangipane. This made me want to make an almondy cake but unfortunately we were all out of ground almonds. Instead I used up the leftover pastry from the pie to make a variation of a bakewell slice recipe I have and used ground hazelnuts instead of ground almonds. Next week I’m making not one but two birthday cakes for our son – one for his actual birthday and one for the weekend after when family visit to celebrate. They’ll both be Victoria sponge cakes but the second one will be a tunnel with a train coming out of it!

I loved that Tamal said he was inspired by one of his favourite sandwiches for the filling of his vol-au-vents. Such a man thing to say! And it reminded me of Joey’s sandwich obsession in Friends.

I’m now in the third and final trimester of this pregnancy and tiredness and sickness are both back. Thankfully both are manageable but it has meant that in the evenings I’ve been flopping on the sofa and watching something on iPlayer, especially if back pain has kept me up during the night before. So I have been watching Eat Well For Less which I watched last time it was on.

Clearly some of it is staged but it is an interesting watch. I sometimes spend too much on food, I’m sure many do, but we do have a budget which I try to stick to. It has a few useful, sometimes very obvious, tips and recipes like making risotto in the microwave. We have homemade bean burgers about once a fortnight so it was nice to see them getting some good press.


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