Post pre-school snacks

Our son started pre-school this week! It’s hard to believe that my teeny 5lb 11oz baby boy turns three in a couple of weeks and is now a (still quite teeny) energetic pre-schooler.

My teeny pre-schooler is a hungry pre-schooler. He must burn it off simply by having his eyes open but he would eat snacks all day, plus his main meals, given the chance. So I knew that sending him off for three hours with just one snack break would result in a hungry boy at 12.15pm. The question was, what to feed him?

Haha, I thought, let’s try going almost sugar free again now that I’ve successfully made banana bread in the ‘new’ oven! He started his first day with a hearty bowl of porridge and for after pre-school I made these apple and raisin flapjacks.

Apple & raisin flapjack
Apple & raisin flapjack

I used up some sultanas and chopped up some dates, and used two cooking apples from our old garden. They’re ok, not that sweet obviously but the main thing is that our son ate one quite happily soon after leaving pre-school. The recipe only makes about 8 slices but I froze half of them so there was ‘fresh’ flapjack for after pre-school today.

What did he think of pre-school? Even before we left home on Monday he was so desperate to go that when I tried to take the obligatory ‘first day of pre-school’ photo outside our front door he just burst into tears! He had a great time. He couldn’t wait to go back again which has been difficult for him to understand as he’s only there Monday and Thursday mornings, so Tuesday and Wednesday now seem to him the longest of days. It seems he’d rather spend three hours with strangers than with me. But on Monday afternoon he was so exhausted that he fell asleep on the stairs!

How Mummy will spend the pre-school hours
How Mummy will spend the pre-school hours

How did I cope? Just fine. I knew he’d be fine and I’d be fine. There was a brief heart-wrench as I gave him a cuddle goodbye on his first morning, but that was it. He is such a sociable little boy that he was ready to get away from Mummy and make some new friends. And Mummy has started nesting and sorting out baby things and taking the opportunity to get some rest before the baby arrives. Admittedly I’m nesting quite early but last time I didn’t get to nest until after our son was born!


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