Moved house

We have moved and baby has not appeared!

It was quite a wet day when we moved and the autumnal weather appears to have stayed since moving, so much so that hubby said the other day that we might have to find out how to switch the heating on soon. The joys of living in a house rather than a flat where you benefit from other people’s heat!

There were a few tears when we left… I cried when the removal van arrived, when the removal van was almost packed up, showing our son his room in the new house and upon waking up in our first morning in the house. Yep, lots of tears. I am pregnant, though! I wasn’t sure if I’d be upset about leaving our old flat. Turns out I wasn’t that upset about leaving it, I was more pleased that we were really moving to an actual house, and that I wasn’t in labour!

Packing paper
Packing paper!

I’d recommend getting a removal company to pack your stuff – they’re efficient and you don’t have to live in a house of boxes for a week before you move. There was also an incentive to unpack as they want the boxes back. Although this turned out not to be particularly environmentally friendly as we ended up with a massive bag of paper.

When unpacking it was like Christmas Day opening presents and not knowing what you are going to get. I started cleaning and unpacking the kitchen the day after we moved in and the first item I took out of the first box I opened was my slow cooker! I’ve used it a couple of times already since moving. It’s been really useful.

First item I unpacked!
First item I unpacked in the kitchen

I got a bit carried away with cleaning and unpacking and forgot about being pregnant and needing to protect my back, so ended up in quite a bit of pain. Thankfully hubby had moving day and the following day off, then went back to work for a day followed by being off work for the three day bank holiday weekend! He worked really hard and had cleaned and unpacked almost everything just a few days after we moved in.

Despite the excitement of parking on our own drive and owning a house rather than a flat, we moved here knowing the grass would not necessarily be greener. We own a whole house now so there will inevitably be problems with it. Plus we had a survey which showed we will have problems! So when hubby discovered a fox den in the garden, we weren’t too surprised. And when we had a lot of rain the first weekend we were here and a leak appeared in our bedroom, we weren’t too surprised. And when we found three other leaks a few days later, we still weren’t too surprised!

The thing I was surprised at (and rather disgusted by) was finding the remains of a frog in the living room before our furniture was moved in! Hubby found another in the utility room. Ironically we have received three ‘new home’ cards featuring frogs…

God has been very good to us in providing us this house. It’s amazing seeing his plans come together. We had originally planned to move house next year. We also thought we’d already have another child by now. But because it took longer than we thought it would to get pregnant and had our flat valued this year, it meant we could move this year so we’re in our house before the baby arrives and hopefully we won’t have to move again. So we are very thankful to him for his mercy and kindness, and that we can trust him when our plans don’t seem to work out because he has better ones!



4 thoughts on “Moved house”

  1. Glad you are happily in your new home and things seem to be working out for you. Things do seem to happen for a reason… we quite suddenly sold our house, after missing out on what we thought was a perfect house, we have now moved to (hopefully) our forever home which is even better than we could have hoped for. Seems the timing was just right for us too as our family will be getting bigger in January (there is just one in there … we triple checked!) As for the frogs… did the people before you have a cat? We adopted 2 strays when we moved and they love to bring us live frogs as presents… unfortunately I did find a dead one which must have escaped our attention 😦
    Ellie xx
    ps I cry at everything too!

    1. Wow congratulations, Ellie! Hope you’re feeling well. We think the people before the people before us had a cat but that would be really yucky if the frogs had been there for 7 years…

      1. Eww really yucky… I hope not! Thanks… we are really excited. And I am feeling ok now, lots of dizziness to start but good now. Hope this pregnancy is being relatively kind to you. It will all be worth it in the end. I did write a long message to you when we were on holiday but the intermittent wifi meant it never sent… pregnancy brain also meant I forgot. 😦 xxx

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