GBBO Episodes 4 and 5

I had my Bake Off binge last night after getting the internet back yesterday. It was amazing! More about moving house in a later post, there are more important things to discuss…

Episode 4: Dessert week
I’d previously said that I wasn’t so interested in dessert week, but it was still a good watch. I can’t see myself making creme brulee, particularly as so many of the bakers struggled with it, and I’m happy with hubby being the meringue man. I definitely won’t make a cheesecake tower! Crazy! I prefer normal cheesecake to baked cheesecake but the flavour combinations were interesting.

Episode 5: Alternatives week
Wow they tried making sugar free cake! I was quite excited when they announced that was on the next episode and then all I had to do was press the episode on iPlayer. Of course they used honey and agave nectar so it wasn’t 100% sugar free, but it was a decent attempt. Some of the recipes are on the BBC website.

I have to admit the last week and half have been decidedly un-sugar free. In fact you could say sugar packed. We ate our way through a fair lot of biscuits and cake to keep us going whilst we moved, unpacked and I built up confidence to use the oven – I’m going to make banana bread later as my first bake.

Anyway, the rest of the programme was also interesting as they cut gluten out of pitta breads and dairy out of ice cream.

Do I have a favourite at this stage? Not really. This year I’m actually just watching it to see what they bake rather than have a favourite contestant to support.


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