Moving house

So we’re moving house. Tomorrow. Yes, it’s a month later than we had originally anticipated but we are actually moving which is… well, exciting but also a bit scary.

It’s exciting because it’s a real house. It has a driveway. I am ridiculously excited about doing a big weekly shop and parking on the driveway to unload! It even has an utility room. I mean, that is so grown up. It needs a lick of paint and some gutter work but we can move in without needing to do anything major before the baby arrives.

But last time we moved house I had a baby on the same day. We did take a risk moving when I was 8 months pregnant and things ended up being delayed and we moved a few weeks after we had originally intended, but we really didn’t expect him to arrive early. As soon as hubby started packing up my piano last week it hit home that we are moving house again and I’m pregnant again. Of course I’m avoiding heavy lifting or anything – not that I did any last time – but moving house is stressful, especially with a toddler in tow! We are praying that this time the baby will stay put as it would be 3 months early rather than 3 weeks.

I’ve actually been feeling sad about leaving our current home. Aside from the memories we have of the first home we ever owned, there are so many things I like. It’s really spacious, I like where we have put things and how we’ve accessorised (in nearly 3 years we’ve only painted one wall and put a wallpaper border in our son’s room). It’s funny how I’ve become sentimental now. Before I was completely ready to leave, listing all the things I don’t like about it. Perhaps this is a good thing because it means that, whilst it’ll be lovely having our own house and driveway, I know the grass won’t be greener and I’ll soon find things I don’t like about it!

I think the worst bit has been the waiting. The calm before the storm. We’re having our stuff packed by the removal company today. This is great because I find myself getting tired easily now and this way I definitely don’t have to lift anything, plus because we saved so much money using an online estate agent, we can afford to have someone else pack for us. But I do find it a bit weird that someone else is packing our stuff… We’ve packed our clothes already because we have had to take our wardrobes to pieces so that they will fit through the door. And I feel really really weird about someone else packing my clothes!

And we’ll be without the internet for 10 days which means no blogging or facebook or Bake Off. But I can Bake Off binge when we get it back!


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