GBBO episode 3

Bread week!

At the end of episode 1, I was excited for biscuit week. At the end of episode 2, I was excited for bread week. Bread week!

Home baked bread
Home baked bread

I’ve really got into baking bread in our oven lately, especially as it makes two loaves each time so I don’t have to make it that often. And now I really want to give soda bread a go having seen how quick it is to make. It looked so yummy. It’s a shame only a handful of the recipes are available online as I actually fancied making a savoury bread.

Mmm imagine the smell of freshly baked baguettes, that you’ve made and not part-baked, coming from your kitchen. I love buying wholemeal part-baked baguettes. They’re so yummy straight from the oven with butter melting on it! Perhaps as part of putting our oven through its paces I will give baguettes a go, but I think I’m planning too much given we’ll need to unpack and prepare for the new baby…

The 3D bread displays were quite impressive. I’m not trying to recreate any of them! But the individual breads sounded nice. I’m tempted to try making Chelsea buns – so tempted that I’d make them today if we had enough strong white bread flour but I’ve been using it up to make moving slightly lighter.

Desserts week doesn’t bother me so much because I don’t really make desserts, which is good really as when we move house next week we’re moving phone internet providers and will be without internet for 2 weeks!


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