Ok so I wrote all those posts about using up courgettes and I imagine some people were thinking they would just spiralize their courgettes. Well I’m a bit late to the game, not owning a spiralizer!

But yesterday in Tesco I found ready-spiralized courgette in the reduced veg section for just 27p. So I thought I’d give it a whirl…

Tesco courgetti
Tesco courgetti

And I think I’ll give it a whirl again! I tried it for lunch today. I was planning to add pesto but we’re hoping to move house next week so opening a new jar of pesto seemed a bit silly. Instead I added some frozen garlic, oregano, black pepper, some grated cheddar, sliced mushrooms and a couple of sun dried tomatoes (I’m working through our opened jars in the fridge). It was tasty and remarkably filling.

I’m thinking this might aid shifting the baby weight, alongside general healthy eating and all that. I just have to work out whether I should buy a spiralizer now or wait until Christmas. I really enjoyed it that much that I’m considering spending some of my leftover birthday money on one!


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