GBBO episodes 1 and 2

I’m a bit behind!

I always find the first few episodes a bit hard to get my teeth into. There are 12 bakers to get to know and 12 versions of the same cake being made. It’s all a bit confusing.

Having said that, I loved sitting down last week to watch the first episode, albeit a day after the rest of the country. I enjoyed biscuit week more than cake week though. I think it’s the 12 bakers and 12 cake thing. 11 was a bit easier to manage and there was even a short history section this week.

Hubby once made a BFBFG at university – a big fat black forest gateaux – I think for a BBQ my housemates and I were having. It was enormous!

Pistachio, almond & raisin biscuits
Pistachio, almond & raisin biscuits

I’d quite like to give making biscotti a go but I don’t want to break anyone’s teeth! At around 3-4 months of pregnancy I seem to lose a filling. It happened with our son and it has happened in this pregnancy. My teeth seem to really suffer! But I’m pretty sure biscotti won’t pull a filling out, perhaps crack a tooth if I bake it for too long. Maybe when we’ve moved I’ll give our ‘new’ oven an initiation test. I just love the idea of cooking with pistachios.

So instead, this morning I made pistachio and cranberry biscuits as my parents are visiting this weekend, but I had to top up my pistachio supply with almonds and used sultanas as that’s what was in the cupboard. They’re a bit quicker to make than biscotti and didn’t require me to study a recipe intently whilst keeping an eye on our son.

Unfortunately I’ve been feeling a bit sick again recently, so my posts are becoming a bit short and rambly. Also we are hoping to move house in a couple of weeks so there may be less communication as we drown in boxes and bubble wrap!


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