Our son has a southern accent. Yes, we live in the south but because he spends all of his time with his mummy from the Midlands it meant he used to talk properly i.e. he said ‘bath’ with a short ‘a’.

Sadly in the last few months his accent has changed. He says ‘barth’. We’re clearly spending too much time with his cousins. And watching Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on BBC iPlayer.

It’s actually quite strange to hear my son speaking in a different way to me, and sounding posh to me when he says things like ‘barth’. My dad’s from the south and my mum’s from the Midlands. My dad used to laugh about the way we said ‘bus’. My mum sometimes says ‘bath’ and sometimes ‘darnce’. I think it’s for different words. And I’ve heard a mum from the north say ‘plarster’ instead of ‘plaster’. This saddens me. I hope to hold onto my accent but even going to uni changed my accent. My dad said I became more posh. But I still use a short ‘a’!

Occasionally our son remembers his mummy and the way he was taught to speak, usually saying ‘dance’ and ‘castle’ with short ‘a’. And then Daddy repeats ‘darnce’ or ‘carstle’ until he says it that way. I’m fighting a losing battle!


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