Chocolate and courgette brownies

Yes, another large yellow courgette was handed to us at the end of last week from my brother-in-law. So I had a look for some more interesting recipes!

I had just picked up the August edition of the Waitrose magazine a couple of days before (love having a MyWaitrose card so I can get it for free!) which is all about Italian cooking. We love Italian food! This edition handily includes a section on courgettes so I used half of the courgette making one of their pasta dishes.

The other half went into chocolate and courgette brownies. Now these are really good brownies. Well, perhaps slightly more cake-like than brownie-like. If you eat them on the day they were made they seem to have a slight courgette flavour but if you eat them the day after they were made, the chocolatey flavour seems to intensify overnight and there’s no hint of courgette. They turned out much better than I had expected.

I made them to take to a farewell lunch on Sunday so they have all gone without a picture but I really recommend giving them a go if you find yourself overrun with courgettes. I read the comments first and added 1/3 cup of water (the commenter suggested coffee) to make the mixture wetter and that made a lovely moist brownie.


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