The Great British Bake Off 2015

It has not escaped my notice that The Great British Bake Off returns to our screens tonight. However, it won’t be returning to our screen tonight.

We cut our TV licence back in January which was a brilliant idea. We now watch far less (obviously), but if we do watch something it’s something we actually want to watch, not just re-runs of TV shows or just whatever is on. So we’re making better use of our time. Sometimes it is frustrating when you just want to collapse in front of the TV and watch whatever is on but instead you have to choose a DVD or look on BBC iPlayer for something decent, but if there’s nothing on there’s always a book to read or someone to call or a recipe to bake instead.

So, do not fear, I will indeed be watching GBBO, I’ll just be a bit behind the rest of the nation. I’m looking forward to seeing what is made, particularly to see if anyone attempts to make anything without using sugar. I know it’s a long shot, but it would make for interesting viewing! And of course there will be my random commentary after I have watched it.

There have been a few baking attempts in the last week in anticipation and celebration of the big event. One was making bread in the oven. This came about because I realised we didn’t have enough bread and there wasn’t even time for the bread machine to make bread and then for it to cool in time for me to put it away before my head to hit the pillow. So I searched for a quick bread recipe. This worked fantastically! I had just enough of a pack of seeded bread flour for the recipe but had to use strong white bread flour for kneading. I made one on a baking tray in an oval shape and one in a loaf tin. This makes quite small slices! But it means one loaf went in the freezer for another day which is handy. I forgot that I needed to change the temperature setting for our oven until halfway through baking, so the tops were a bit burnt but the bread was lovely and fluffy and I am definitely making it again, next time with wholemeal flour.

The other baking attempt to note here was making dextrose vanilla biscuits. I hadn’t made them for a while and had thought of a cunning way to use up some soft cheese and cherries by making individual cheesecakes for hubby and I. This required biscuits which I didn’t have, so I made dextrose biscuits really for the base, it just so happens that I only needed a few for the base so our son iced the rest using dextrose chocolate icing. I turned my back for a few minutes and this is what happened:

Biscuit tower
Biscuit tower

He’s obviously preparing for GBBO, too, as he built a biscuit tower and cemented it together with the dextrose chocolate icing!

Interested in the cherry cheesecakes? Well I did what you normally do for a cheesecake only I did it from memory… I melted a bit of butter, crushed a few biscuits into it and pressed firmly into ramekins. I mixed the soft cheese with the rest of our icing sugar and topped up with dextrose and then put it on top of the biscuit base and chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours. The cherry coulis type thing I made by just stewing some pitted fresh cherries with a bit of dextrose and, foolishly, a bit of water. This was blended and sieved, resulting in a cherry sauce which I chilled until we wanted to eat. It tasted good, really sweet actually, and the cherry sauce was just liquid on top of the cheesecake! It was fun to eat on a date night!



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