Operation hide the marrow

Last weekend we visited my in-laws and my father-in-law sent us home with a courgette and a marrow, both of which he’d grown and wasn’t able to use up. I was happy to take them off his hands although I wasn’t sure what to do with the marrow as I only remember them being really watery. Of course, Google became my friend for half an hour whilst I hunted down some recipes.

If you search for marrow recipes, they all make marrow the focus in dishes such as stuffed marrow. I didn’t really want to make marrow the focus so instead treated half of it like a courgette and chopped it up small to add to bolognese. Hubby said he enjoyed the marrow… because he couldn’t taste it!

The other half I chopped into chunks and roasted along with a couple of peppers and some tomatoes which needed using up, a lug of oil and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. Once cool it all went in a tupperware box in the fridge and the following day I put it in a saucepan with some boiling water, a tin of butter beans and some black pepper. I heated it through, then blended and stirred through three teaspoons of green pesto. Yummy summery soup for lunch! I didn’t take a photo because it wasn’t an appetising colour, but it was tasty.

The courgette would have been easy to use up but hubby actually requested a cake from Harry Eastwood’s veggie cake book. I’ve made cakes before from her book such as this apricot cake and a coconut cake, amongst others which have never appeared on my blog. I haven’t used the book for a while as grating vegetables becomes a bit tedious and she uses vegetables to cut out fat content, with sugar content still being quite high. Anyway, I made the coconut, lime and blueberry slices and he was pretty happy. Even our son enjoyed a slice as his Sunday sweet treat yesterday with some ice cream! It meant I had to buy more desiccated coconut so will unfortunately have to make coconut macaroons again.

The rest of the courgette went in lentil dahl (I told you I make it regularly). I was just given another courgette yesterday by my brother-in-law. This one is yellow! I’m going to make Harry Eastwood’s pistachio chocolate cake with it once I’ve stocked up on ingredients and use the rest up in various meals during the week.

I love that if you have leftovers and act quick enough you can just look online for recipe ideas, especially when the leftovers you have are random and you feel at a loss. But what’s also great is that after years of cooking and not really following recipes properly, you start to just know what works and what doesn’t. So you can read a few recipes for a vague idea and then see what you have in the cupboard and work from that instead. I’m blessed to have a family who will eat whatever I put in front of them, though!


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