How we met : Part 2

10 years ago to the day I met hubby for the second time.

A few months ago, I wrote about how we met the first time and didn’t really remember each other.

Gem of the Norfolk coast!

I remember arriving at the train station with my dad’s huge rucksack on my back with my roll mat and sleeping bag, wondering who was going to pick me up and how I would know who they were! And then arriving at the school we were staying at and seeing hubby in the car park with someone I recognised from uni. At this second meeting, I discovered hubby was in fact in the same year and at the same uni as me.

The following two weeks were, well, interesting. We were both serving on the beach mission which was exhausting, rewarding, and exhausting. Hubby was really great helping me prepare for my first session with the children and I helped him make various items for costumes. We got on really well and ended up walking to and from activities together. It’s no wonder, looking back, that a week in we were individually taken aside because the leaders thought we had started going out! I thought the idea was ridiculous but they definitely planted the thought in our heads.

After that we spent less time together, but at the end of the mission we both wanted to keep in touch and that led to a month of letter writing and phone calls. Oh yeah, old school. Apparently I talked quite a lot about this guy I’d met that summer and I even watched some of the Ashes to try to be interested in something he loved. I still don’t like cricket.

And then we returned to uni and were reunited. I cut my finger on a bread knife whilst slicing a bagel for breakfast on the morning we were meeting up for the first time. I wasn’t nervous or anything… It was completely different seeing each other at uni to on mission. On mission people just seem different. I guess the tiredness doesn’t help. And hubby was, in some ways, a completely different person – much more sensible!

We had decided that we should get to know each other better in real life (however ‘real’ uni life is!) so we met up regularly to eat cake, chat and hang out with friends before hubby actually asked me out in January. I’m glad we did this. I started to really like him over the summer when we were writing and chatting to each other on the phone, but because we weren’t spending any actual time together it would have been easy to build up my own idea of what he was like. A fantasy, if you will. So finding out what he was really like in ‘normal’ situations was very important.

This year for my birthday, hubby bought me a picture of where we met the second time. I think it’s a really sweet gift to celebrate 10 years of knowing each other and one that is special to us.

We served on a combined total of 11 beach missions, including after we got married when we had to buy a double airbed because hubby couldn’t handle just a roll mat on a school floor. Apparently being married on beach mission is fun if you’re a boy because you have a room just for the two of you, which means you can still pull pranks on fellow male team members but they can’t return them!


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