Coconut macaroons

There are various open packets in our food cupboards which I am trying to work my way through, partly because I don’t know how long have they have all been open and partly because I figure it’d be easier to move house with everything in containers or used up.

So last week I was considering desiccated coconut. I quite fancied making some sort of almond cookie to use up various forms of almond that I have accumulated but I couldn’t find the right kind of thing. In my search for using up desiccated coconut, however, I found this coconut macaroon recipe.

In an attempt to get back to eating sugar free (I am regularly slipping back into eating chocolate at the moment… blaming it on pregnancy…), I was looking for a sugar free recipe. This one contains honey and I’ve been thinking about how I could change that. Perhaps coconut oil? Maybe that’s not sticky enough.

Coconut macaroons
Coconut macaroons

Anyway, the recipe is really quick and easy, requires very few ingredients, and they take just 10 minutes in the oven. I was 15g short on desiccated coconut which I think, having read the comments, helped the macaroons to stick together. I made half cocoa and half vanilla and they are very yummy! I was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely be making these again.



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