Missing running

I wrote the post below just before we found out I was pregnant. I was really loving running! I only ran a couple of times after finding out I was pregnant because the nausea and tiredness kicked in. Whenever I see someone running I inwardly sigh. I do miss it!

In temporary retirement
In temporary retirement

I hope I will be able put my running shoes on a couple of months after having this baby but I know it’s not that easy – I’ll be tired and I’ll have two children to look after! Perhaps re-reading this post, as well as wanting to lose the baby weight, will help motivate me.

The post below was written in March 2015

I have discovered a lot about running in the last few weeks and some I really need to remember:

  • I would be a terrible running partner. I get into my own rhythm with breathing and running. I can speed it up a bit and then go back to my normal pace but I try to keep my breathing the same. Running with someone else would mess that up! I also wouldn’t be able to talk to a running partner because there’s not enough puff in me to run and talk.
  • I can’t listen to music whilst running. I used to but now, due to the reasons above, I don’t. Also, I think it’s safer to be able to hear the traffic.
  • I can actually run. Ok, stating the obvious here, but I can run. It’s not like school races where I’d struggle to keep up because I have no one to keep up with (see above!). Last week I ran 5k three mornings and on Saturday I (mostly) ran 5.5 miles/8.9k. I think that’s pretty impressive considering I only started running again 3 weeks ago and I never thought I’d run that far.
  • It’s ok to do a shorter route or miss a day. It’s really hard to accept that some mornings I don’t have enough time to do my 5k route, but even if I do a shorter route I’ll feel good for getting out. It’s also really hard to miss a day due to illness. On Sunday afternoon I was unwell so I decided to skip running on Monday. It was sad to think I wasn’t going, but better for me to rest for another day until I was completely better.
  • I can motivate myself. Previously I would have just given up but now I can (sometimes) get myself to run to the next lamp post or the next bench. I know it’ll be painful but I know it’ll be worth it, and sometimes I’ll get to the lamp post or bench and keep running anyway.
  • It doesn’t matter how long it takes! Another hard lesson for me to learn. All my timings are based on what the microwave says when I leave and when I get back, so it’s all a bit rough. I generally run 5k in about 30 minutes. When I ran 7k it took 42 minutes which is about the same pace. On Saturday I was so exhausted when I got home from running nearly 9k that, after a shower I couldn’t even remember what the microwave had said when I got home. Had it read 8:40 or 8:50? If the former, I had continued at my usual pace, running faster in places to counter walking. If the latter, I was well off pace which would be understandable as it was exhausting. I was quite frustrated that I couldn’t remember but eventually decided it didn’t matter how long it took. It was either just under an hour or just over an hour, and either way that’s a good deal of exercise and a lot more running than I ever thought I’d do.
  • I need to keep a running diary. My organisational skills and memory have slipped since having our son so I find myself writing lots of things down if I want to remember them! So I’m keeping a ‘running diary’. Not of times but of dates and distance. If I suddenly run 5k in 25 mins, that’ll go in, but as I generally run the same time, I figure I don’t need to. It’s a huge shock to read all the miles I’ve run in one week!
  • I overheat. I knew this already but if I’m running in a single layer and see others in jackets, gloves and hats, I wonder how they can possibly run and still be that cold. Ironic that, later in the day I will be out and about wrapped up with a big scarf and my Mummy Mitts because in normal non-running winter life I get cold!
  • I get hungry and thirsty if I run. My appetite has gone up and I am generally thirstier during the day, even on days that I don’t run. I’m having snacks and sometimes have a similar portion size to hubby at dinner. However, I am sticking to healthy snacks (on the whole – I’ve eaten a few packets of crisps, too).
  • I need to avoid the scales. Fat is turning to muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. It makes sense that I might put on a few pounds. I need to be prepared to see this if I step on the scales!
  • Running helps my mood. I originally took up running on the advice of my doctor. I was suffering from another bout of depression and she said it might help. I remember that first frosty jog with hubby to work out if I could do it and find a route. It was hilarious and definitely lifted my spirits! Anyway, I found it really does help my mood. Well, any exercise does, but running is different somehow as you are outside in the fresh air and you can spend the time thinking about something that’s bothering you, or block everything out and just focus on running. It helps me feel calmer for the rest of the day and I am much more energetic and productive on the days that I run.

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