Applesauce waffles

Last week I made applesauce to accompany roast pork, rolls and salad to feed friends. Yummy! I just peel, chop and simmer the apples in a bit of water and don’t add sugar.

The leftover pork went into pork stir fry and hubby’s work sandwiches with a layer of applesauce. So I was wondering what to do with the last bit. I’ve made a few things with applesauce before but as the weekend is exciting breakfast time in our house, I thought I’d try to use it in something for today’s breakfast.

My original plan was to make pancakes and did a quick online search. I found this recipe which says you can use the same recipe, plus a bit of oil, to make waffles! My sister bought us a waffle maker a couple of years ago for Christmas and, since using up the bag of ready-made waffle mix it came with, has been sadly gathering dust on the shelf. So I thought making waffles with the applesauce would be great!

Applesauce waffles
Applesauce waffles

I didn’t really measure the ingredients out, just added until I thought I had the right consistency. I added some cinnamon and nutmeg to the wholemeal plain flour I was using as my applesauce didn’t contain any spices, I didn’t use any sugar and used milk instead of water. And they were pretty good! The last waffle was the most crispy. You couldn’t really taste the apple, so adding toppings was easy. I defrosted some strawberries from the freezer, chopped up a banana and got the maple syrup out of the fridge. Yum yum.


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