Washing order

Time to add to my weirdness of having to clean the house before we go away, being in love with a washing line and organising my shopping whilst I pack it into bags (amongst many, many other things!)…

When I take the washing down off the line or off the clothes airers indoors, I do it in order of which room it will go in. So, I start with the items which will go in our bedroom, followed by those that go in our son’s bedroom, followed by the items which need ironing, followed by tea towels for the kitchen. Crazy, I know, but it makes it easy to sort it out once I’m indoors – I put the tea towels in the kitchen, then the items that need ironing on the ironing pile, then our son’s clothes in his bedroom, then finally our clothes in our bedroom.

How hubby puts up with such a crazy person, I don’t know.


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