Dirk Gently

I have written before about how we tend to like series that suddenly disappear off the TV such as Whites and Dirk Gently.

Well, much to our delight, the BBC recently added Dirk Gently back to BBC iPlayer. Highly recommended. It stars Stephen Mangan and Darren Boyd as detectives, so it’s funny.

We started with the pilot episode which we hadn’t seen before and it struck me how it must have been competing with Sherlock. Now, I like Sherlock (or at least, I liked the first two series), but it saddens me that it might be because of Sherlock that Dirk Gently disappeared. Wikipedia tells me it was because of the licence fee freeze.

There are a few similarities with Sherlock – the music is chirpier in Dirk Gently but bears a slight resemblance to Sherlock; they are detectives who don’t get along with the police; and there’s a comedy element. But the comedy element is obviously greater in Dirk Gently, featuring two comedy actors.

Anyway, if you have a spare hour, try watching Dirk Gently on iPlayer.


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