Frozen herbs

ParsleyHave you seen these in the supermarkets? Frozen herbs. Brilliant. I have a few including parsley, ginger and coriander in our freezer. I find it really handy as they’re always on hand to brighten up dishes and it’s cheaper than buying a bunch of herbs that I then don’t use up. I don’t think the box design that Sainsbury’s has gone for really works. I have broken one of the boxes just trying to open the lid, but the idea is fantastic. I hope to attempt to grow herbs like parsley and basil if we move house, but previous attempts have failed!

You can also buy frozen chopped garlic. This may not be new to you, but it was certainly a revelation to me in the first few months of pregnancy when I really wanted to eat garlic but I couldn’t face peeling and chopping fresh garlic. I know, it sounds weird. But then I spotted frozen chopped garlic when I was looking for something else in Waitrose and it’s great! No garlic smelling fingers, no sprouting garlic bulbs lurking at the back of the cupboard. You have to be a bit careful, though – I ended up adding quite a lot of frozen chopped garlic to spaghetti bolognese a couple of weeks ago because I wasn’t really paying attention!


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