Loving coconut milk

I don’t always opt for a creamy coconut curry when I’m cooking – less so since we moved closer to hubby’s nut-allergy brother. But a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed an amazing chicken pistachio korma from our local Indian takeaway to celebrate our offer being accepted on a house and it put me right back in the mood for them.

We used to buy coconut milk to use in curries until we discovered creamed coconut. It’s a block of coconut which you can transform into coconut milk by cutting some off and adding hot water, or you can chop bits off and chuck into a curry towards the end of cooking to thicken it up. I usually use it for the latter. It lasts a while in the fridge so it’s cheaper than buying tins of coconut milk, especially if you don’t know what to do with the leftovers.

However, we recently ran out of creamed coconut and I just bought a tin of coconut milk because I now have ways of using it up that don’t involve curry! I’ve read lots of different recipes that use coconut milk so when I made the rice pudding and porridge mentioned below, I just used my instincts rather than a recipe.

A few weeks ago I made a yummy slow cooked chicken korma which required coconut milk. I’d bought a tin so to use up the the leftover milk, a couple of days later I made slow cooked rice pudding using all the coconut milk and added normal milk up to the amount required. Delicious! Would have been even better with a few slices of mango.

On Tuesday I made lentil dahl, a regular for us, but realised that I didn’t quite have enough veg in the fridge so I threw in some frozen broad beans. A very good addition, I might add. Anyway, I had decided I wanted the dahl to be coconutty and for a change we had rice instead of naan with it. Yesterday morning I made porridge on the hob using half of the leftover milk and a bit of water. I topped it with blueberries and Gala melon. Amazing! And there was enough leftover for me to make coconut milk porridge again today. I’m actually thankful that the weather cooled down enough so that I could enjoy coconut milk porridge for breakfast.

Coconut milk porridge
Coconut milk porridge

If I intend to keep up my coconut milk consumption I will go back to buying creamed coconut because it still works out cheaper, it just requires a bit more effort. But once the warmer weather hits I won’t fancy porridge in the morning, so maybe I’ll have a go at making coconut milk ice lollies.


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