Time to get back on the wagon

Confession time – I have been eating sugar.

I’ve eaten ‘sugar free’ Rennie, biscuits, chocolate, cake, ice cream, jam, BBQ sauce…

As I recently announced, I’m pregnant. Feeling sick and tired and just eating plain foods all the time to ease the nausea made me quite grumpy, particularly one night as hubby tucked into an Easter egg, so I had a bit of dark chocolate. I thought it’d be ok but oh was that a slippery slope! I was soon back on cake, milk chocolate, biscuits… Particularly ice creams from about 10 weeks as I felt hot and wanted to eat ice cold things. Keen-eyed readers might have noticed that I ate gelato and cake on holiday.

Yes I could have been more organised. Yes I could have made things to prevent this from happening. But I wasn’t feeling up to any additional baking or time in the kitchen than was absolutely necessary. Kitchen smells and even the smell of our home sometimes made me feel sick! I went right off eating nut butters on their own on toast or in porridge (I’m not eating peanut butter anyway due to my brother-in-law’s allergy, and ironically that’s the one I really wanted to eat!) and just eating a piece of fruit on its own took a fair deal of effort.

Of course, all of this has in some ways been wonderful as I’ve tasted amazing chocolate and lovely cakes. But it has been to my own detriment. I’m bigger than I was when I was pregnant with our son at the same stage. Now this is probably partly because my tummy muscles have evaporated from being pregnant before, but I’m convinced that eating sugar has encouraged weight-gain, especially as I haven’t been running since soon after we found out I was pregnant.

So I’m trying to get back on the wagon. I can handle most kitchen smells again and I love eating fruit and veg again so I can prepare some healthier snacks. I’m finding it harder to turn down sugar this time around and I don’t think I’ll be completely sugar free but I’m at least trying to cut down. I’ve actually been trying to do this for the last two weeks but I realised that I hadn’t told anyone what I was doing, so it was easy to just say to myself, ‘oh, a little bit of cake…’ Yesterday I said to hubby that I’m back on the (almost) sugar-free wagon as of today, so I know he won’t offer me anything. Thankfully there’s lots of scrummy fruit like juicy nectarines about so I’m planning on enjoying those instead of sugary snacks.

Why ‘almost’? Several reasons really. I haven’t made any bread for a while so we’re having shop-bought wholemeal bread which inevitably will contain sugar. I’m loving mayonnaise at the moment, particularly in a cheese and tomato sandwich, and I can’t make my own – firstly, well I’ve never tried, but secondly, I’m not supposed to eat raw egg. I don’t want to do a blanket ban because I don’t think it’s realistic at the moment – I’m carrying healthy snacks but if I suddenly feel hungry or sick or faint and I’m without snacks, I’m not going to say ‘no’ to sugar if that’s what’s available.

But also because my birthday is coming up and hubby isn’t up for making me a sugar-free birthday cake, which is fair enough, and I’ll definitely be having a slice of whatever cake he makes for me!


One thought on “Time to get back on the wagon”

  1. It is so true about actually “saying it aloud” when it comes to staying on track. I have so much more success when I know people are supporting me, rather than trying to get me to indulge. Good luck and hang in there!

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