We recently had a lovely holiday in Menorca. No, I wasn’t blogging on holiday. One of the wonders of WordPress is being able to schedule posts, so I can be without internet but posts keep going up. It meant my post about The Hobbit actually went up when I’d finished the Silmarillion and about to start The Fellowship of the Ring, but hey!

Menorca is a smaller, quieter island compared to Majorca. We stayed in a lovely villa with a pool in Cala en Porter. We only managed to get a villa because we went out of season with one of hubby’s brothers, his wife and two boys (if you have a family I’d really recommend going away with other people – you can go out for dinner and sample the local delicacies without kids, there’s always someone to watch the kids so you can get a break, and if you can’t think of anything to keep the kids occupied on a cooler, windy day, chances are someone else will be able to. Oh, and the more of you, the cheaper accommodation is).

Cala en Porter
Cala en Porter

It was so nice to be away from RightMove, estate agents, and the general hustle and bustle of home. And the local delicacies? Well we visited Mahon, the capital, twice and on each occasion had tapas – an amazing invention if your kids are fussy eaters. At a gelateria in Mahon I had Ferrero Rocher gelato! Incredible!

On our night out, hubby tried octopus and I had sea bream Menorcan-style, which is lightly breaded whole sea bream which is oven baked, with sliced potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Yummy. I might try recreating it using two whole sea bass which I found reduced to almost half price at the supermarket yesterday. For dessert I tried tarta de Santiago, a Spanish almond cake. It was dense and very nice, almost like it was just packed ground almonds. Even better, my portion seemed to be nearly a quarter of the cake!

It wasn’t all food, though! The nearby beach was lovely. As you can see from the picture, it is a cove with beautiful blue sea. It also wasn’t sun and sand all day every day, so we had a few days off the beach too. We caught a bus to Mahon on two occasions. The first time we did a glass-bottom boat tour of the harbour. Our son is convinced he saw Nemo and Dory! Near where we were staying is a nightclub that is set in caves in the cliffs. During the day you can visit and look out to sea. So our son has been to his first nightclub… sort of.

There wasn’t a whole lot to do where we were staying, but that suited us just fine. We found playgrounds for the kids, hung out at the villa, had naps, and read lots. There may be more to do on the rest of the island, but we decided to stay where we were rather than do long bus trips with three small boys.

I wasn’t looking forward to coming home – back to RightMove and offers being rejected. But actually I felt relaxed when we got home, ready to get back into our normal routine and eat lots of veggies. For some reason we didn’t eat many vegetables whilst we were away so we’ve had something of a veggie binge since getting back!


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