Shark – BBC Series

Last night we started watching an amazing series called Shark on BBC One.

As children, hubby and I both loved sharks. We both had shark books. My shark book has been given to our son. He loves it – he now loves sharks! What is it with kids and dinosaurs, sharks, etc?!

Anyway, I sat down last night to paint my toe nails. This is an activity which only happens in the warmer months and even then not very often as it requires me to sit still for at least 10 minutes, so last night I thought I’d have a look on BBC iPlayer to see if there was anything I could watch for half an hour. And I found Shark.

Shark is a wildlife documentary series about, yes, sharks. As we both loved sharks as kids, I told hubby about it and we sat down to watch it together. It was great! Astonishingly there are over 500 species of shark and they mentioned some we’d never heard of like the Greenland shark and the Mako shark. Of course the Great White featured, too. The Greenland shark can live to be 200 years old and is blind because a parasite eats away at its eyes. The Mako shark is the fastest shark in the world and they recorded it swimming at 30mph. God’s creation is incredible.

The episode is really interesting, especially if you love sharks. The series has been in production for a while as they spent thousands of hours in the water filming different sharks so it is really well filmed. I found myself wondering how they managed to film it all, and then at the end of the episode there was about 10 minutes of how they filmed it. Fascinating stuff.

Like I said, it’s a series so there will be more episodes. Catch it on iPlayer – it’s worth watching!


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