Growing up

So we thought we’d done quite a few ‘grown up’ things. We got married. We moved in together. We started jobs in the big city (haha, doing admin!). We bought our first car. We bought our first home. We had a baby.

But why stop there? Why not try selling our first home?

So that’s what we’ve done. We accepted an offer last week!

This might all come as a shock even to some friends and family who we hadn’t mentioned it to. There are a couple of reasons: firstly, so you don’t mess up our Right Move stats! We had a bash at selling through an online agent so the stats received by websites like Right Move meant everything to us as it showed us how many people had viewed our property online. Obviously we knew our parents and the few friends we’d mentioned it to would have a look, but advertising it far and wide would really affect the statistics!

Secondly, it all happened a bit quickly. Back in January we noticed that a house near us had been on the market for a while and they’d reduced the asking price. That got us thinking that perhaps we could afford to move. It sold, and a few weeks passed. Then all of a sudden we were having our home valued, our home was in pristine condition, photos were taken, it went on the market, strangers came to look round, and now, just a few weeks later, it’s off the market! So, like I said, it all happened quite quickly. And somewhat unexpectedly.

Selling your home is a very bizarre experience. Well, I think it is. To start with, valuing a property seems weird. To us, our property is worth a lot because it’s the first home we’ve owned, it has the first shelves hubby put up, our son’s first bedroom, etc but that’s not monetary value, that’s sentimental value. Monetary value is off the scale ridiculous where we live.

Then you have to keep your home in an odd limbo situation whilst it’s on the market so that, if someone wants to come round you can get it looking spotless quickly. This is no way to live! I am so relieved that we have accepted an offer, not because we can move onto the next step of finding our new home, but because I can put our current home back to normal and know where everything is again. And have washing hanging up if necessary. And leave plates draining by the sink.

And after all this we’re not planning to move very far at all. In fact, we quite like where we live so we’re moving within the area. Perhaps it will all become real to me now that we are actively searching for our new home because up until this point I have felt slightly detached from it. Hubby has been doing all of the viewings because then I can keep our son out of the way. Our son is like a mini salesman and loved showing people round. Such a charmer. But I’m also liable to say something stupid, not just about some of the downsides of our home but something like, ‘yeah I think it’s worth about £100,000 less than we’ve put it on for.’ Hmm.

Anyway, if you are considering selling your home, we’d recommend giving it a go online. You can save a lot of money but I think you probably have to live in the right place where there is a good demand for property because in places like that, properties can basically sell themselves without the need for an estate agent. Apologies if you’re an estate agent…


3 thoughts on “Growing up”

  1. Wow! *Very* grown up. Look forward to seeing the new place! I’m looking forward to having my first… wage!
    p.s. you can update my blog link on your blogroll if you like!

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