Slow cooker orange, pistachio and honey cake

Recently this slow cooker orange, pistachio and honey cake was advertised on the Slow Cooked Wonders page I follow on facebook. I’ve been a bit slack on the baking side of things lately so yesterday I thought I’d make this exciting sounding cake for hubby.

We had all the ingredients already, aside from the orange. We did have some big clementines in the fridge that I bought on the market. They’re really juicy so I thought one of them could easily substitute the orange.

This was quite a time-consuming cake to prepare! First you whisk the eggs, sugar and honey but we don’t have a hand-held whisk and I refuse to get the whole food processor out of the cupboard unless it’s really necessary. Needless to say, my arms were aching long before I got to the thick stage so the mixture remained a bit runny. Then you need to chop up 80g of pistachios. Before chopping you have to take the shells off. And as I love pistachios, a fair few ended up in my mouth rather than on the chopping board.

Slow cooker orange, pistachio and honey cake
Slow cooker orange, pistachio and honey cake

But it was all worth it. It took an hour on high and 20 minutes on low in our super speedy slow cooker. It was really moist so I was a bit concerned it might not be cooked, but it was, it’s just the condensation and then of course the added syrup after removing the cake from the slow cooker.

I didn’t tell hubby what was in the cake. He knew there were pistachios because he could see them, but he had to work out the other flavours. Before he tried it he thought it would be lemon. After he tried it he still thought it was lemon! Golden syrup was another suggestion before he recognised it as honey. He was stuck on the lemon for a while until I told him it was orange and he said it reminded him of marmalade which is why he was stuck.

Anyway, I don’t think it will last long because he seems to really like it!


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