Spring cooking

Apologies for the lack of communication recently. I’ve had something of writer’s block! It’s not like nothing’s happening, I’ve just not felt like writing about anything.

Anyway, for my ‘comeback’, below a few things I have enjoyed making and eating recently. The spring brings exciting fruit and veg and the desire to eat more fresh food. I’ve found some exciting summer slow cooker recipes to try out too, so if any of those are successful I will report back!

Banana ice cream
I’ve written about this before, but it’s so simple and so good at this time of year. I’ve since reduced the number of ingredients to just the one – bananas! Take some over ripe bananas, chop up, put in freezer bag or box and put in freezer for a few hours. Whizz up in blender. Voila! Of course you could make it slightly chocolatey with the addition of cocoa and sprinkle some chopped hazelnuts on top. Mmmm.

I made naan for the first time a few months ago but I discovered an easier recipe recently which just uses flour, yoghurt, baking powder and salt. You knead it a bit, shape it and grill it. Very quick, really yummy and potentially cheaper than shop-bought. I need to research flavouring it though – I just chucked in a few sultanas!

Salmon and asparagus tart
I’ve made this a few times before but this is the first time it has not spilled over! Either my tin is too small or there is too much mixture stated in the recipe. I imagine the former. But to celebrate our first ever asparagus harvest I thought this would be an ideal summery dinner.

Salmon and asparagus tart
Salmon and asparagus tart

The original recipe came from a supermarket magazine I think but there are many like it online. This time I cut the filling quantity by a third to prevent spillage. The recipe uses smoked salmon but I found a fresh fillet of salmon reduced to just 90p last week so I used that instead. I baked it in foil whilst the pastry was blind-baked and added half of it to the mix – the other half is for lunch tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m chuffed that it worked this time. I even had seconds. In hindsight, whilst the recipe does call for asparagus we didn’t really have enough so it got a bit lost in the tart. The next harvest will most likely be a side veg for maximum taste.



One thought on “Spring cooking”

  1. Would love to try that Banana Ice cream recipe. I do hope it doesn’t get mushy. hahaha. great post by the way! 🙂

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