Simnel muffins

These are definitely not sugar free.

I have been making these BBC Good Food simnel muffins for several years now. They’ve become something of an Easter tradition for us. They’re almost as easy to make as normal cupcakes or muffins, with an added layer of marzipan, and much lighter than your average simnel cake. I use cupcake trays so the recipe makes 22 cupcakes which last a bit longer than the 12 muffins suggested. Does anyone else find that most cupcake and muffin recipes usually make more than the specified amount?

Usually I’d decorate them with Mini Eggs as suggested in the recipe but this year, can you believe it, I couldn’t find any Mini Eggs in our local Tesco! I popped in after a trip to the park with our son specifically to buy Mini Eggs and sultanas for the muffins. I was pretty shocked. I ended up buying a couple of packs of Malteaster mini bunnies, not enough to decorate all of the cupcakes.

Simnel muffins
Simnel muffins

Never mind! Hubby has taken most of them into work to share with his colleagues and the lucky ones will get a chocolate bunny, either lying down or hopping out of the muffin!


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