Some more dextrose baking

After my recent success using dextrose to make chocolate cake, I thought I’d have a go at a different recipe using dextrose last week for hubby. I went for these dextrose vanilla biscuits and iced them with the dextrose chocolate icing I used on the chocolate cake but used half the quantity.

Dextrose vanilla biscuits with dextrose chocolate icing
Dextrose vanilla biscuits with dextrose chocolate icing

They are very very nice. Yes, I had one. Maybe two… Ok I ate most of them, not all at once I might add. I hadn’t planned to eat any of the cakes or biscuits I’m making with dextrose but for experimental purposes thought I should try one. Now, remember I haven’t eaten biscuits for over 4 months. Wow. These taste like real biscuits. Yummy! But I proved that I need to keep a lid on my cake and biscuit consumption even if they contain dextrose because if they taste good, I’ll have another.

Second batch of hot cross buns

I bought some more dextrose so that I could make hot cross buns again before Easter. I ended up just buying it from Boots as, with postage, the dextrose you can buy online ends up costing more. So here is the batch I made yesterday, looking remarkably similar to my first batch. I’d even watched The Great British Bake Off Easter Masterclass to watch Paul Hollywood’s tips. However, they were still all slightly different sizes. Perhaps my hands are too small for the nest thing he does. The glaze also didn’t work out as well as last time but they still taste nice and, of course, that’s the important thing!

I have also had a go at altering an existing recipe to use dextrose instead of maple syrup and dates – Deliciously Ella’s sweet potato brownies. These are one of the most popular recipes on her website and I really like them. I usually follow the recipe, but I bake the sweet potatoes and add a handful of cacao nibs after blending for a bit of a ‘chocolate’ crunch. But after realising recently that I was in fact still eating fructose by eating maple syrup and honey, and even dates, I thought I would experiment with dextrose. I basically made half the brownie recipe (in case it was a total disaster) and instead of using maple syrup and dates I used 30g dextrose and added a splash of vanilla extract. The result is pretty good actually, aside from the fact I accidentally added the cacao nibs before I blended the mix so it probably tastes a bit darker than normal. But I’m pretty chuffed with it and even hubby thought they were ok!


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