Easter craft

Our church runs two craft evenings a year – one for Easter and one for Christmas. On Friday I went to my first Easter craft evening as last year we were away. It was so much fun to be out of the house without a small boy wanting my attention and being able to do something crafty with friends!

Easter craft
Easter craft

The picture shows what I made – a spring floral display, an egg and a box of marzipan fruits. The floral display looks so pretty and has two polystyrene eggs on sticks among it. Can you spot them? And the chick on the side of the jar? The egg was made by blowing up a small balloon, covering it in glue, wrapping it with cotton and applying more glue before hanging and leaving to dry overnight. Then you pop the balloon and, voila, a very delicate egg decoration!

Finally, the marzipan fruits. I know what you’re thinking – ‘why has she made those? She’s sugar free!’ My Nana used to make these with my sister and I when we were little girls so I have very fond memories of making them. It was really fun trying to recreate up different fruits and mix colours and be a bit like a schoolgirl again. This time last year I would have eaten the whole box by now. I love marzipan. But this year is different! So I will be giving them out to other people.

Ooh you may have noticed that in my photos my tablecloth has changed. It’s much more spring-like in its colour and I have matching oven mitts! It’s amazing how a £3.99 tablecloth can brighten up the kitchen. The old tablecloth was getting stained so it was time for a new one and the old oven mitts were developing holes – not great for keeping your hands protected. But the old oven mitts live on as hot pads! I haven’t altered them at all, they’re just used for popping hot trays on when they come out of the oven. Very handy (haha).


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