“Mummy run 7k”

What is it that makes running so brilliant?

One of the greatest things about running at the moment is stretching when I get home with our son copying me! It’s very cute. He also says ‘Mummy run’ every morning, even though I don’t go every morning, and when he spots my running gear hanging up to dry. And I taught him to say ‘5k’ and ‘7k’ when I had run that far. Hee hee.

Having read Running Made Easy again I thought I’d try a longer run on Saturday morning. I’d managed to get out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (a slightly shorter run on Friday as I woke up late) so I thought I would be up to it. In preparation I thought that I should perhaps eat something small before I left and drink a bit more than usual, so I planned to go out about half an hour after I’d got up. Thanks to the lighter mornings I was awake at 6.40a.m. and headed downstairs with Cover to Cover, drank some water, ate one of these yummy date and oat bars from Deliciously Ella’s blog, and read the Bible.

This was a wonderful way to start my Saturday! The house was still quiet for about 10 minutes before our son woke up. After giving him breakfast and waking hubby up, I was out of the door. It was really quite windy on Saturday and I had a bottle of water with me which meant if I got thirsty I had to stop and walk – I couldn’t work out how to co-ordinate keeping my breathing going whilst running and drinking! It’s weird getting used to carrying something when you’re running, too.

Well, I amazed myself and ran 7.1k (4.4 miles). I don’t think I’ve ever run that far before. I ran to a local park, ran round it twice, then ran home. The run home is uphill but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I even felt I could have run further so on Saturday I’m considering running round the park three times, which would make the whole run 8.8k (5.5 miles)!

After all of that fun and returning on such a high, I came home planning to make poached eggs for us all for breakfast (3rd breakfast for our hungry little boy). But I was sent to the shower and hubby made them instead – amazing soft poached eggs with black pepper on home made wholewheat toast with butter! Good work, hubby.

I seem to be getting fitter quicker than when I used to run a few years ago. Maybe I’ve kept a bit of fitness from swimming last year. It’s not necessarily about getting round the whole route without any walks, but I don’t remember ever getting round my old route without a walk. Perhaps I didn’t go out as often. Apart from Saturdays, I used to go out after work which is strange as I’m a morning person. I imagine the thought of going before work seemed crazy, whereas now it’s like running from home to work (I’m a stay-at-home mum)!


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