How far did I really run?

Yesterday I ran 5k. Or at least, I thought I did.

At the weekend I braved my inability to run up hills and attempted a hilly route whilst visiting relatives near Manchester. It wasn’t so bad because the hill was at the beginning of the run. It was about 4.4k. Or at least, I think it was.

I’ve been using to work out how far I’m running. I have one of those Nike thingies where you have a watch and a bit in your shoe which my parents bought me a few years ago, but of course the battery has long since died and I haven’t bothered getting a new one yet. For the reason below, I might just get one.

Last Monday I (mostly) ran my 5k route. I am ashamed to say I didn’t get up for another run later in the week until we were away at the weekend. I had learned from my northern experience that tackling a hill early in a run is easier, so I simply reversed my route. And yesterday morning I was beyond thrilled that I managed to run the whole route, excluding my 150m cool down walk at the end. So happy.

However, when I replotted my route in reverse (I have no idea why, it’s obviously the same distance!), it came up as 4.2k. Where did I lose 0.8k?!

In the words of Marlin in Finding Nemo, “happy feeling gone.”

So I am again extending the route to make it 5k. Maybe there was a fault on the website. Maybe it remembers me and reduces the distance each time to make me run further! Who knows? All I know is if I do make it out of bed to go for a run, I feel much calmer and more awake for the rest of the day. It’s hard work but it’s worth it. I just have to remember that when the alarm goes off.


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