No sugar recipe fail

Generally in my sugar free baking I have been quite successful. There are a surprising number of recipes online which don’t contain sugar and, once you know a few tricks, you can alter them accordingly.

Bluberry muffins
Blueberry muffins

Take, for example, these blueberry muffins. I replaced the oil with homemade apple sauce, added 1tsp of mixed spice and only added enough water after mixing to make it the right consistency. I would add more blueberries (our son ate a few on the way home from the market) but they were pretty good!

I’ve made Deliciously Ella’s sweet potato brownies multiple times now as I love them. I now add a handful of cacao nibs which make you think you’re eating chocolate! I even made a batch to take as pudding on Saturday when visiting friends where one guest was lactose-free and, much to my surprise after offering them round, one week into being sugar free!

And in the February edition of the Tesco magazine (I love free supermarket magazines – have you noticed?!) there was a recipe for mango lassi syllabub which only contains a squidge of honey. I’ve made it twice in the last week for hubby and I as a pudding. It’s delicious.

Sugar free carrot cake. Sadly not a hit.

After all of these, and many other, successful sugar free recipes I fell short of the mark making this sugar free spelt carrot cake. I don’t know why I didn’t use my sugar free brain. Perhaps it was the small boy putting me off. Perhaps it was trying to make dinner at the same time. Whatever it was, the result has not been successful.

I divided the recipe into three so that I could make a smaller cake (the original is massive) in two loaf tins. Unfortunately I forgot to do this with the walnuts and ended up putting half instead of a third of the original. I didn’t add salt but it tastes really salty. Is this from the walnuts?

Thinking back, I should have used apple sauce instead of veg oil because it would be sweeter and healthier. Hubby didn’t like the consistency of the desiccated coconut whereas I don’t mind it. The cream cheese icing needed a bit more sweetness but I couldn’t get the lid off our maple syrup tin!

All in all it’s been a bit sad seeing it in the fridge waiting for someone to eat it. Our method is to eat the walnuts first (or pick them out and throw them away if you’re hubby) and then eat the rest. Tastes ok that way.

I might try the recipe again using flour instead of desiccated coconut, apple sauce and perhaps a bit of the juice from the pineapple tin instead of oil and probably a different nut altogether. And I’ll make sure hubby is at home to help open the tin of maple syrup. But I’ll probably make something I know works next so I feel less of a failure!



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