Pillow case craft

This year I am watching the Great British Sewing Bee. I have caught a few episodes before but this year I’m making the effort to watch it. It is fascinating. How do they make an item of clothing in just a few hours? It would take me that long to work out the pattern and cut the fabric! But Sewing Bee, coupled with recently cancelling our TV licence, has inspired me to get my sewing machine out and try something new.

A few weeks ago I picked up a new duvet and pillow set from the ‘bargain corner’ in Ikea. It was a display set in perfectly good condition, but much cheaper than full price. Now I know Ikea isn’t the most expensive shop for a lot of things, but king size duvet covers are usually pretty pricey if you want a nice set that isn’t see-through.

Pillow case (folded up!)

Anyway, it has finally made it onto our bed. It has a blue and white check pattern on it which really brightens up our room and it came with 4, yes 4, pillow cases. I don’t think we’re unusual in having just one pillow each but this means I have two pillow cases to play with. That’s a good bit of fabric to make something exciting with.

I did a quick Google search for some inspiration (I’d really struggle in the alteration round of the Sewing Bee! And every other round, actually). My favourite ideas are:

– a dress. AMAZING! A dress made out of a pillow case. The perfect way to make a dress for a young girl, or a short woman. Haha! That’s me! The only thing is the patterns I found are all for summery dresses given there’s not that much fabric in a pillow case to make a dress, and my pillow case fabric isn’t particularly summery.

– a bag. There are a lot of patterns for bags. This one is really straight forward whereas this one just looks a bit more professional.

– an apron. I found two patterns I like which seem pretty simple: this one and this one.

– a set of trivets or a table runner. Yes, back to the trivets. I think a table runner in this fabric would look really nice and would only take half of the pillow case as I would line the back with a different fabric, meaning I’d still have some of the pillow case fabric for a different project. And it would be easy to quilt following the lines. There are two I’m considering: reversible or skinny.

I decided I was going to make a table runner and either a bag or an apron but then hubby thought one of the pillow cases would make a nice little skirt. Specifically a pleated skirt. Right. How do I make one of those?!


4 thoughts on “Pillow case craft”

  1. Have you got any sewing books?? I’d really recommend Tilly and the Buttons Love at First Stitch. It has some really useable patterns in and very clear instructions. The pj trousers could be made into shorts and perfect for your pillowcases…. then you would match the bed! You would need to trace the patterns though (i use baking paper) as they are printed double sided. Xx

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