Running 5k

In the words of our son, ‘I did it!’ Well, kind of.

After discovering my extended running route was 2.9 miles I realised, hang on, that’s almost 5k! For some reason 5k seems such a milestone. Perhaps because lots of charity runs are 5k and I always assumed that was a fairly long way. Turns out it isn’t. So I extended my route further to make it exactly 5k.

My alarm went off at 6a.m. this morning and I got out of bed at about 6.07a.m. I was wide awake but it was so nice lying in bed for a few extra minutes. And I was out of the door 10 minutes later. I had read a few tips on running in the morning including laying out your clothes the night before and going to bed early, both of which I have done previously and still gone back to sleep. One that I am yet to try is going to bed wearing your running gear!

This morning I was motivated to get up by the sole fact that I was going to run 5k. But I forgot to warm my shins up. My sister is a dancer and she taught me this exercise to warm my shins up so I don’t get shin splints. I sit on the edge of the bed after pulling on my running gear and point my feet down, then up, then down, then up fairly quickly and repeat for about a minute. However, as hubby was still asleep in bed I thought it would very unfair to make the bed shake whilst warming my shins up and therefore forgot to do it altogether! I can just as easily do this sitting on a chair, I just have to work that into my new routine.

My shins, therefore, hurt. And my thighs still hurt from Saturday. And I guess I was just a bit more tired this morning than I was on Saturday. All of this resulted in a slower run and an extra walk (I don’t think I’ve ever managed to run the whole way round any route). I did my extended 5k route but hadn’t factored in that I usually walk the last little bit as part of cooling down before I get home and stretch, so whilst the route is 5k, I’m still not running 5k. I could find a way to extend it a little bit more but I really just need to work on trying to run the whole way, except for my cool down walk. I’m convinced that I could run it if the route was completely flat. Any slight incline ruins me.

I don’t know what you’re supposed to eat after going for a run. Probably a raw egg and a green smoothie or something but neither of those sound appetising to me. I have a glass of milk and then a bowl of porridge with banana, almond butter and nuts, mainly because by the time I get round to having breakfast I’ve cooled right down and need something warm!

It was actually pretty fun being out just before the sun came up with hardly anyone around and the tiredness is yet to hit me. I plan to go out again on Wednesday or Thursday morning, depending on how my thighs are. I’d really like this to become my new routine and run a few times a week!


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