Running and rice pudding

This morning I went on my first run of the year.

Due to the ongoing lack of hearing from my ear infection after Christmas, I avoided running because I thought it would make me feel dizzy. However, I have actually had perfectly good hearing for a few weeks now. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been setting my alarm so that I can get up and go for a run before hubby goes to work. With the mornings getting lighter, I thought this might work, but every time I’ve switched it off and gone back to sleep. It’s so warm in bed!

This morning, however, I decided to go for it. Our alarm clock a.k.a. our son woke us both up just before 7a.m. and I thought right, I’m awake, I’ll go out for a run. During the week I’d be getting up much earlier than this to go for a run. It was already light at 7a.m. which gave me a bit of motivation to exit the toasty bed.

Until I saw it was raining and snowing outside. Hmm. After getting up and sorting out breakfast for the boys I stared longingly out of the window wanting to get my trainers on and go for a run, and then I noticed it had stopped snowing. I hadn’t eaten (I was still full from eating 3 bowls of rice pudding yesterday. More on that below…) so I suddenly announced I was going for a run, and I was gone.

It wasn’t raining too heavily and I started off really well so decided to extend my route. I ran 2.9 miles this morning rather than 2.3. I’m pretty chuffed with that, especially as it only took a few minutes longer than my usual route which, given I hadn’t run for about 2 months, isn’t bad. Perhaps I will get up earlier now that I remember how much fun it is to run!

The rice pudding. Thursday was a cold and wet day here and we had a lot of milk to use up so I thought, why not make some yummy rice pudding in the slow cooker? My recipe called for sugar which I obviously didn’t add, so it was just pudding rice, milk and vanilla extract. I made the full recipe for 6 people thinking it would be nice to eat the following day, too. The three of us had a lovely bowl each of warm rice pudding on Thursday night and the rest went in the fridge. And then into my tummy – I had a bowl for breakfast, a bowl after lunch and a bowl before bed! I just love rice pudding!


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