Hubby’s Challenge!

Last week I started to feel rather guilty of being on a sugar free diet.

As I do pretty much all of the cooking, hubby likes to take over on special occasions, including Valentine’s Day. He makes breakfast and dinner, including a lovely chocolatey dessert. Which is why I had started feeling guilty.

How was he going to find something yummy for breakfast? Well it turned out not to be too difficult. He had two options ready: the full English (he even found some more expensive back bacon which was sugar free!) or coconut crepes. I had been unwell at the end of last week and thought the fatty bacon and sausages would be a bad move for my tummy, so I chose crepes. We didn’t have the raspberry sauce, we just sprinkled raspberries on top of the crepes. And since hubby found blood oranges from Etna in Sicily in Sainsbury’s last week, we had some of those too (he’s so excited about finding these – he’s going to make blood orange sorbet from Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Sicily).

I didn’t think he would bother making a dessert because it would be a lot more effort than normal to find something that a) was sugar free, b) sounded nice enough for him to eat, too, and c) find all the ingredients for. So I made him one that was full to the brim with sugar – Hummingbird Bakery raspberry cheesecake brownie which I had seen over at lick + spoon. She had made it in a loaf tin which I thought would be perfect to make for hubby as otherwise he’d have to eat a lot of cake.

It was a bit of a challenge for little me, though. I don’t bother getting out the food processor unless it’s really really necessary, so there I was whipping everything by hand. That might explain why the cheesecake layer was a bit runny! I’ve also never baked a cheesecake before. It took longer than the recipe stated to cook so I put foil over the top to stop it burning. But hubby was very impressed. There are no photos as the cheesecake layer cracked and it doesn’t look appetising without the cream layer, which I only put on the piece hubby had on Valentine’s Day – it’ll take him a few days to eat so I didn’t want it to go off!

Anyway, I needn’t have worried. Hubby had planned to make Goan fish which he’s made before and is very nice, and then he searched for a sugar free dessert and found a panna cotta recipe. I don’t think I’d ever had panna cotta before, so it was quite exciting! Unfortunately, Saturday’s attempt didn’t set. It was something to do with him combining two recipes and the gelatine having different instructions to the recipes. We still ate, or drank, it.

Panna cotta

But he was not content with that. Yesterday he went out to buy more double cream so that he could have another go. And, although he felt it needed more flavour, it was a success!

It was a real show of love to me that he made such an effort to find something ‘sweet’ that didn’t contain sugar. Present-wise, we have a £5 budget for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. It makes us more creative! Well, it should do. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day there was a brief moment when we thought we’d bought each other Spy series 1… I had bought hubby Spy series 1 on DVD and Mug Cakes (a book of recipes for making cakes in mugs), and he bought me The Hobbit Part 1 and Sherlock series 1 on DVD. It’s pretty amazing how much you can get for £5.


One thought on “Hubby’s Challenge!”

  1. Glad you tried out the cheesecake in the end! I think it’s supposed to be very runny before being baked, and then looks very pale and wobbly first out of the oven. Once chilled it sets to a firmer consistency, so I reckon you were doing it all right! 🙂

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