Los Rancheros

On Monday night my mum kindly babysat so that hubby and I could go out for dinner. Before we had our son we didn’t go out that much so going out for dinner isn’t something we particularly miss. It’s more the time alone that we miss, and eating something someone else has cooked is a nice break for me. It’s also much more of a treat if you don’t go out very often!

I love Mexican food so we tried Los Rancheros in Bromley which opened a few months ago. As it was a Monday it was pretty quiet!

The place is decorated floor to ceiling in stereotypical Mexican attire – sombreros, ponchos, bright colours. The waiters even wear cowboy hats. It’s amazing! There were so many dishes to choose from, too. On one side of the menu were starters and on the other were main courses. There were a lot.

We went for pretty standard options – we shared a plate of classic nachos to start, then hubby had steak burrito and I had steak fajitas. I don’t think I’ve ever had fajitas when I’ve been out but it was a great option because I could choose exactly what went in each tortilla wrap. And it didn’t come with a side of rice so we ordered onion rings to share. I love onion rings but only ever have them if we’re out.

The portion sizes were very generous. I think there were two or three steaks chopped up for my four tortilla wraps! But it was all very very yummy. Hubby had white profiteroles for pudding and I gladly sipped on a cup of chamomile tea. I was stuffed full of steak and onion rings so I couldn’t manage a pudding even if I’d wanted one.

If you’re ever in the Bromley South area, Los Rancheros is right opposite the train station and it’s well worth a visit. Yummy food, reasonable prices and fun but not too cheesy decor. Don’t let their website put you off!

This was my first meal out since going sugar free almost 3 months ago and I didn’t exactly let my hair down. I chose not to have a mocktail, delicious as they sounded, because the sugar from the fruit juice would probably have sent my head spinning. Instead we actually both had tap water with ice cubes and a slice of lime. Very refreshing.

Admittedly I went for fajitas so that I could choose what I put in them, but that was as much because I could then have onion rings than because I could decide how much possibly sugary salsa to put in them! And the onion rings may well have had sugar in the batter. The thing is, all of the sugar that could have been in the main course would have been very marginal. Not small enough for me to avoid on a day-to-day basis, but small enough for me to accept on a rare night out with hubby.

When it came to pudding, as I said I was very very full by that point so there was no physical space in my stomach for a pudding. But it wasn’t just that. I really don’t fancy eating sugary puddings and cakes anymore. My attitude and taste buds have really changed. And the chamomile tea was lovely, putting me in a slightly dopey mood ready for bed.

I hadn’t read her tips prior to going out but my friend over at Rinroad Writes has written an article about going out and staying sugar free. They are pretty much what I had in my head when we went out. If you go out often and are trying to go sugar free, I’d follow her tips.


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