How we met…

10 years ago this month I met hubby for the first time. Our eyes didn’t catch each other across a crowded room. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, I forgot all about him, and he forgot about me too!

Back in January 2005 I was a recently-single fresher at university, wondering what I was going to do with my very long summer. There was a mission fair arranged by the Christian Union to answer that very question. Presentations and stalls advertised exciting things you could do abroad during your 3 month summer, like building schools in Africa.

I seem to have missed out on the travel gene. My sister definitely has it but I’m quite happy to stay in the UK and enjoy what it has to offer, and I’m not keen on flying. There are so many lovely places to visit right here! That’s not to say that I haven’t been to some amazing places abroad. In fact I’ve actually been to quite a lot of places. And I love Italy!

This meant that I was more interested in things I could do in the UK during my summer holiday. Thankfully there were a few suggestions. One was to do a Scripture Union beach mission. A guy got up and did a five minute talk about why you should do beach mission that year, and where. That guy was hubby. I assumed he worked for Scripture Union and had been drafted in to encourage people to sign up to volunteer at beach missions.

It is quite remarkable that we both remember, if vaguely, our first meeting. I asked for a leaflet and to be reminded where the beach mission was that he had particularly mentioned, and that was that. He remembers a girl smiling and asking some questions – we like to think that was me!

We didn’t see each other again for another 6 months when we were introduced properly on the beach mission and I discovered that hubby was actually a student at the same university as me. And that’s how it all began.


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