Cover to Cover

Yesterday I received this in the post:

Cover to Cover Complete

It’s the Bible in chronological order and I’m really excited to start reading it. Our son was very cute when I opened the packaging yesterday and said ‘purple Bible’!

A long time ago I studied theology at university. I probably don’t remember a lot of what I studied but having the Bible in chronological order really appealed to that little theologian that remains.

This morning I was more excited than I have been for a while about opening the Bible to read for myself. I think it’s because it’s interesting to see how it fits together and it’s a surprise every day. For example, today I thought it would start at Genesis 1, but no, the first verses were John 1:1-2!

The most common way of reading through the Bible in a year is the Robert Murray M’Cheyne reading plan which takes you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in one year. There are several books to accompany it which provide some commentary and reflection on the daily readings. For example, one friend is currently using For The Love Of God by Don Carson and another is using Through the Bible, Through the Year by John Stott.

Cover to Cover is also designed to be completed within a year but the reading are not dated. It is inevitable that, with a small boy, I will not find time every day to read it. On those days I’ll do something shorter. But not having dates means that if I miss a day I won’t get confused that the date on the page isn’t the actual date. Simple things!


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